Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer

Summer is finally here as of 1:30 today, gardens are coming along a little better now that we had a break on all that rain. Actually have about 20 tomatoes already growing. Our blueberries are only doing so so this year, blackberries are coming along great will be using them on this weeks wedding, we are making a blackberry barbecue sauce.

Have some great events this week, beautiful brides looking forward to creating the perfect day for them.

Graduations are also flurishing, have some fun h-d going out and we have been playing for the past month on some great new dishes. will follow up with some pictures of our events and some pictures of some fun h-d.

Want to thank all of the brides and grooms we met at the Altamont Manor a few weeks back, was a beautiful day and great turn out. Happy Healthy Summer.