Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer

Summer is finally here as of 1:30 today, gardens are coming along a little better now that we had a break on all that rain. Actually have about 20 tomatoes already growing. Our blueberries are only doing so so this year, blackberries are coming along great will be using them on this weeks wedding, we are making a blackberry barbecue sauce.

Have some great events this week, beautiful brides looking forward to creating the perfect day for them.

Graduations are also flurishing, have some fun h-d going out and we have been playing for the past month on some great new dishes. will follow up with some pictures of our events and some pictures of some fun h-d.

Want to thank all of the brides and grooms we met at the Altamont Manor a few weeks back, was a beautiful day and great turn out. Happy Healthy Summer.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


This week we hosted a testing for 10 clients, over the past few months we have been playing with a few new menu ideas, from French macaroons to tomato marshmallows. We have purchase a dehydrator which we have been creating some great granola, also been playing with creating dusts from citrus to strawberry to mushroom. Some great powerful flavors that have been enhanced through the dehydrator. We also purchase a new cotton candy machine and through the dusts have made some great tasting savory cotton candy. I will be posting some new recipes shortly so you to can follow us on our .
Thank you to all of our events this week, what a great week, and the weather up to today was picture perfect.

Expanding our gardens

Okay middle of May we have been working in the gardens. So far we have our own chives,oregano and thyme. lavender is starting to grow, ground has been turned. Come along with us in the next few months through are gardens and some local farmers and enjoy recipes for farm to table foods by Elegant Touch.
Also join us for wedding open house at the Altamont Manor and enjoy some great food, beautiful location and some local ideas. June 5 at 12:00 more information to follow

Monday, January 3, 2011

New year eve h-d

Well some popular h-d for the new years was our coconut shrimp and our cheese herb phyllo
Recipes to follow. Check us out on face book Kim Lauria

New Years

Well what a great fall we have had at Elegant Touch, some great weddings, corporate events holiday parties and more. We have been creating some new and inspire dishes and this month in between events our culinary team will be working on some new dishes and h-d. I will be posting some new recipes on this blog so that way we can inspire you to to get cooking. I am making a conscious effort to post more of our recipes and pictures to better serve you

So let's get cooking

Sunday, November 7, 2010

October in North East

Well, October has come and gone and wow what a month. Wedding Wedding and more weddings, not a open day, my staff did a unbelievable job and the events were just fantastic. Had the honor of doing my cousins daughters wedding which started the month and what a blast. Great event at a great venue. Weather somewhat cooperated this month some good some bad, pictures of events to follow.

Once october comes the rest of the year flys buy. We are working on some holiday events and looking forward to creating some great events. More to come

Thursday, September 2, 2010

saying thanks

The day has come and gone and all of the months of planning are finally over. You day went quickly but it was all worth it and the wedding was a great success. Its hard to believe how quickly, it all goes by. Now that you're married, there are many people to thank who helped make your dream a reality. From the caterer and florist to the band or DJ, each deserves a note of thanks for all they did to make your wedding a success. Each and every person that helped create the memories you now will cherish, deserves a special appreciation for making your day so special. Relive the feelings and emotions of the day, and put what you feel in writing by sending a note. You would be amazed at how something as simple as a thank you card can bring a smile to those people that help your day a success.