Sunday, May 15, 2011


This week we hosted a testing for 10 clients, over the past few months we have been playing with a few new menu ideas, from French macaroons to tomato marshmallows. We have purchase a dehydrator which we have been creating some great granola, also been playing with creating dusts from citrus to strawberry to mushroom. Some great powerful flavors that have been enhanced through the dehydrator. We also purchase a new cotton candy machine and through the dusts have made some great tasting savory cotton candy. I will be posting some new recipes shortly so you to can follow us on our .
Thank you to all of our events this week, what a great week, and the weather up to today was picture perfect.

Expanding our gardens

Okay middle of May we have been working in the gardens. So far we have our own chives,oregano and thyme. lavender is starting to grow, ground has been turned. Come along with us in the next few months through are gardens and some local farmers and enjoy recipes for farm to table foods by Elegant Touch.
Also join us for wedding open house at the Altamont Manor and enjoy some great food, beautiful location and some local ideas. June 5 at 12:00 more information to follow