Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Congratulations and what a year already.
2009 Hot Colors
Well so far Blues and browns are still hot, green (lime) is still hanging in at least locality. Nationally it seems purples are going to be hot with splash of deep pinks.

Linens again I say it, what a great way to bring color and theme into your reception. Remember mixing colors looks great, have a two or three tone wedding brings glamor and class to your event.
There are some great locations in and around up state NY. When looking for a unique venue you do need to keep a few things in mind.Does the venue provide tables and chairs as part of their rental? Some do have tables and chairs and some you have to rent.

Depending on the look you are looking for there are some great options. We have been playing with Square Table for the past year and I love the look. I like the matching of Round tables with Square tables and even some 6 foot, can bring a whole new look to your venue or tents. But remember this will effect the total costs.

If tables and chairs are provided, who sets them up and takes them down? Most venues require the caterer to set up and break down.
Is there free parking available? Some brides may want valet service this is an additional costs.

Is the venue large enough to accommodated your guests count.

Do you need to rent a tent if the weather is poor? Do you have a back up plan for rain.
If you would like some suggestions on Venues please check our web site out under venues.

Signature drinks are still hot and what a great way to have your personality in to your reception. Want a blue drink, how about a purple drink, unique vessels to serve them in brings a fun to your reception.

How about a Signature Champagne Toasts, this is also hitting the wedding season for 2009. Its a great way to bring elegance and to personalize your wedding reception.

Make your toast unique by adding a drop of a flavored liquor to the champagne flute. You can choose a flavor or color that fits your theme. Some suggestions are: Suggestions: raspberry, amaretto, passionfruit, mango, lime,pomegranted to name a few.

For summer wedding you can drop some fresh blackberries, in, strawberries, blueberries a great way to bring local ingredients in to your reception.

Alternative Centerpieces
We have been working with a local venue on creating some great new centerpieces to help bring some value into your reception and your budget, I will be posting pictures soon.

Week Day wedding< A unique and creative approach, from elopements to receptions on monday and thursday. those people that love you will be there, and why not take advantage to those days that are open and the venue and caterer will be willing to work with you on a great value. We have been having a great responce from these receptions. Again not for everyone, but we have seen a trend for relax lay-back receptions even barbecue wedding, this gives you a great alternative. Its a win win for everyone.
Give us a call or email for more information.

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