Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Out Door Events Things to Consider

Outdoor wedding are great especially in the Upper NY State region, summers are normally warm and somewhat dry (except for this year), fall is beautiful and romantic.
Here are some things to think about when planning and out door reception.

First you need to inform your guests so they can dress appropriately. (dresses, shoes)
You may want to prepared with water, bug spray, umbrellas and even paper fans (which are a great favor)

Things to think about:
Is there privacy if you are using a public space make sure to reserve a secluded spot to prevent unwanted guests

do you have a back up plan in case of bad weather

Will you be able to hear you may want to rent a sound system or mics

Decor Idea's
Let the setting help you don't compete with mother nature but instead enhance it, let it also be your color palette and get your decor ideas from it.

outdoor wedding calls for flowers that can handle the weather both hot and cold, you may want to stick with mums, calla lilies, sunflowers even alstromeria. use loose arrangement in galvanize pots, wood boxes, pails even bird baths and urns.

Most of all when planning and outside event you need to lighten up and go with the flow, if you are the type of individual that needs to control a situations and out side reception might not be your best way to go. Hiring the right team is extremely important and makes the event go much easier. But enjoy nature there is no prettier setting.

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