Thursday, May 6, 2010

Style for your Wedding

Since wedding season is approaching, I thought it would be time to talk about real style. I believe that real style is not about what car you drive, or how big your ring is or even where you live. True style is about the way you act, and treat your friends and guests. I believe you wedding is the opportunity to show your guests your confidence and it's an opportunity to show your guests your style both as an individual and as a couple, to be the best host and hostess.

Remember, do not keep guests waiting more than 15 minutes for your ceremony or reception. This day is about you but you have ask friends and family to help celebrate your day, if you invited someone to dinner would you not answer the door for 30 minutes. Having a vegetarian meal for vegetarians, trying to answer to any ones dietary need is a nice way to show your guests that you are appreciate them coming. A small basket in bathroom offering a few amenities is a nice touch.

There are so many ways to make your guests feel welcome, even though it is your day. You need to be gracious, considerate and conscious of your guests at all times. By making your guests feel welcome you are truly showing your style. Enjoy your day and the people you have chosen to help celebrate it.

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